Everything You Need to Know About Winter Plants

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Just because winter’s here it doesn’t mean you can’t grow healthy and attractive plants. You can add colour to the outside or inside of your home with beautiful flowers, and as long as you take care of them, they will flourish in no time!

If you want to keep your garden looking great all year round and your a plant lover then take a look at some of the most popular frequently asked questions and answers below.

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What are winter plants?

Winter plants are plants which can grow in cold temperatures and extreme conditions. Whether it’s raining, windy or snowing, your plants are sure to grow and catch other peoples attention! They are plants that will bloom and thrive in cold conditions.

Where can I buy winter plants?

Winter plants can be purchased in a range of stores such as Marks & Spencer and Aldi, or online from places like eBay and Amazon.

What are the top 3 winter plants?


Camelia 4

  • These brightly coloured popular plants are an essential     for winter, no garden is complete without them.
  • Flowering can begin in November and carry on until           April, their extraordinary beauty makes them stand out       from other plants.
  • Camelia’s grow best in a neutral or acid oil that is moist     and free-draining.
  • They are in their prime when in a semi-shaded position.

Iris unguicularis


  • Iris unguicularis grow to 30 centimetres and are mostly       seen in winter and early spring.
  • The best form of these begin to appear in November           until April.
  • These flowers tend to open up in the warmth of a room       against a window, as getting sun is essential.


Winter Berrys

  • These must be grown in areas that either have full               sun or partial shade, having the ability to grow up to 15       feet tall. Winterberrys are best grown in a mixture of             sand and garden soil.
  • If you want them to reproduce then you must put a male     and female plant close together to enable pollination.

How do I grow winter plants?

Every plant is different, but once you have planted the seeds in the correct location, then watering them is vital, however you must ensure you don’t over water them.

How do I grow my winter plants indoors?

Put soil in a plant pot and then plant the seeds.

You can choose from a range of soils depending on the type of plant you are trying to grow:

  • Outdoor soil
  • Silt soil
  • Sandy soil
  • Saline soil
  • Peaty soil

Plants require, water, light, nutrients and an adequate air supply to stay alive.

How will winter affect my plants?

A rose in the snow

A lot of people think that it’s the cold that affects plants, however this isn’t always the case, sometimes the fluctuations between warmth and cold are the reason behind plants dying.

Frost injury

This can occur in early spring or late fall rather than winter. To prevent frost damage keep the buds from opening too soon.

Freezing injury

Another problem that can occur is freezing injury. To prevent this use a thick pot with a large amount of soil, or bury the pots in the ground.

Soil heaving

Freezing and thawing of the soil pushes plant roots out of the soil, exposing them to cold and dry winds. Several inches of snow can stop this from happening, and make sure that plant roots are planted well under the ground.

If you would like any advice on garden maintenance, then contact us here at Birch Landscapes and we will be happy to assist you.

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