Resin Driveways vs. Block Paved

Are you thinking about getting a new driveway installed? If so, you might be considering your various options to figure out which one will work best for you.

Here at Birch Landscapes, we offer a multitude of driveway installation options across Milton Keynes and Buckingham, including the two very popular resign driveways and block paved.

Whilst there are many benefits of both, here is a brief comparison to help make your decision-making process that little bit easier. To find out more or to discuss your project with our Milton Keynes landscapers, please feel free to get in touch.


Installation Time

If a quick installation time is high on your list of priorities, it takes less time for a resin driveway to be installed than if you choose block paving.

Usually, resin driveways can be installed in one day, whereas block paving can take longer due to the nature of its installation. It can take more time to cut the paving stones to fit the space and to place them neatly in position.


Weed Growth

Tired of dealing with weeds growing on your driveway? With a resin driveway, the hard, solid surface when set works to block weeds growing in these areas. There are no gaps for the unwanted plants to poke through.

With some block paved driveways, although weed growth can be minimised, there are still small gaps that weeds could work their way through.



Whilst both types of driveways offer great levels of drainage, perhaps the option with the most longevity is a resin installation.

Its porous nature allows rainwater to efficiently drain away with puddling down to a minimum.



Both options are available in a multitude of colours and can be very versatile in terms of their appearance.

With block paving, a more intricate design may take more time to install, extending your project, whereas a resin driveway can be completed more quickly.

There are options with both driveway installations to add extra features such as a border and/or a pattern.


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