How to prepare your garden for a crisp autumn

What you work to maintain and fortify during autumn, you will reap in abundance in the spring. Your spring garden will be all the more impressive because of the care you take during autumn, so it’s important that you work to maintain your lawn, trees, and flowerbeds. As Milton Keynes landscapers, we’ve put together some top tips on how to prepare your garden for a crisp autumn.


Prepare your lawn

Preparing your lawn for a crisp autumn is absolutely essential to making sure your grass isn’t brittle and dry when spring comes around. This is especially important if you’ve had new lawn turf laid down by a local landscaping specialist. Remove any thatch and moss using a spring-tined rake to remove any debris that may block sunlight and rainwater from reaching the turf soil. In particularly compacted areas of soil, i.e. those that are trodden on a lot by pets or playful feet, make deep holes using a garden fork at regular intervals to improve drainage and aeration. You should also cut your lawn ready for autumn and then again ready for winter, because it will become fairly difficult to as the weather gets damper and darker.


Rake up any dead leaves

If leaves have already started to fall, wait until the weather is dry and then rake them away. This means that they won’t be left to collect water and moulder on the floor, which may affect the lawn beneath, but it also means that they won’t block sunlight and rain water from reaching the turf beneath. Cover over any ponds with netting, too, because this will catch falling leaves and stop them from turning to mulch in your pond water.


Plant spring bulbs

This is exactly what we mean when we say care during autumn becomes prevalent during spring, because planting spring bulbs in September and October sees them lie dormant until March and April before they burst through the soil. If you’re particularly fond of daffodils and tulips in the spring months, then this is the perfect time to plant them.


Set out bird feeders

This is just a charming touch you might like for your garden, especially if you have children or are fond of nature. Set out some bird boxes, bird houses, or bird feeders to attract some local wildlife and provide a home for nature during these colder, darker, damper months. Whilst you’re setting these out, you might also find you’d like garden lighting as well to light up pathways, deckings, and borders to make sure you can still enjoy the appearance of your outdoor space.


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