What to Consider When Choosing New Fencing

If you’re thinking of a way to update your current garden design, something as simple as refreshing your garden fencing can make such a difference to the overall appearance of your outdoor space.

At Birch Landscapes, we provide quality fencing services for customers in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, and across surrounding areas.

Our talented landscapers have compiled a list of some things to consider when choosing a new fence for your garden, ensuring you tick all the boxes when it comes to planning your new garden design with Birch Landscapes.


What purpose will your fencing serve?

The best place to start when choosing new fencing is to work out what purposes your fence needs to fulfil.

Where does your current fencing fall flat? Is it flimsy? Does it fall down often? Does it allow you to feel secure? Whatever your fencing goals, be sure to let our landscapers know during your initial consultation so we can provide recommendations that suit your requirements.


What height of fencing do you need?

We provide fencing in a range of different heights depending on your preferences. Factors that may affect your choice of fencing height include whether or not you have children, the area you live in, and the amount of light your garden gets.

Get in touch with our Milton Keynes landscapers should you need any guidance when it comes to choosing the height of fencing to suit your garden design.

Do you have pets?

A problem you may be facing with your current fencing is that it is not secure enough to stop your pet from escaping. To avoid any unwanted accidents, if you have dogs, or small pets living in the garden, be sure to choose fencing that is secure, and has gaps small enough that won’t allow them to squeeze through and escape.


Do you require planning permission?

There is no harm in doing some research on UK planning laws when thinking about installing a new fence.

Our Milton Keynes landscapers will be able to provide guidance and expert opinions when it comes to planning you new garden design, but, particularly if you are hoping to install a taller fence, you may wish to check the local guidelines.


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