Block Paved vs. Gravel Driveways

If you’ve decided that a new driveway is the best way to update the appearance of your home’s exterior this winter, you may have started researching your options.

Two of the most popular driveway installations we provide are block paved and gravel, despite their differing appearances.

At Birch Landscapes, we always listen carefully to the needs and preferences of our clients and offer driveway installations across Milton Keynes that are going to tick their boxes and exceed expectations.

We operate over winter, meaning we can install your new driveway just in time for Christmas.

Our team of driveway specialists have provided a comparison between block paving and gravel driveways, should you be struggling to narrow it down to just one choice.


Why Choose Block Paved Driveways?

Our Milton Keynes block paved driveway installations are highly sought after due to their decorative nature and flexibility when it comes to style and colours.

We offer our block paving in a variety of stone finishes and shades so we can truly tailor your driveway to suit your unique specifications.

Our block paved driveways are extremely durable, but should a paving come loose or get damaged over time, it is simply a case of replacing the block in question which is an incredibly easy task.

It is the slightly pricier option and will take longer to install, but if you have the budget and don’t have any time constraints, block paving is a great choice.

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Why Choose a Gravel Driveway?

If you’re hoping to update your Milton Keynes driveway but are working to a slightly smaller budget, gravel driveways are another striking option.

Our gravel driveways are slightly easier and faster to install, so if you’re looking for a speedier installation, this could be the option to go with.

You’ll achieve the same level of high-quality installation with good drainage to reduce the occurrence of puddling and flooding.

Whilst gravel driveways are particularly low maintenance, they will require a spraying of weedkiller to reduce the likelihood of them growing through.

Gravel is not a recommended option if your driveway is sloped.



With many years of expertise and knowledge, our Milton Keynes driveway specialists are here to listen to your expectations and offer the best driveway installation to suit your needs.

There are benefits to both driveway options – both installations can be tailored to your design preferences in terms of colour and finish, and both have excellent drainage.

Your choice of driveway installation will most likely come down to your budget, but should you need any more guidance, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team of Milton Keynes landscapers today.


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